Dealer Interactive is a web-based marketing application service available to automotive dealerships. Quit letting all your advertising dollars walk out the door. Our system makes managing your leads, floor traffic and follow up simple, and all with one system. If you want to start doing something to make sales instead of waiting around for traffic, then we can help.

Our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system was designed for the end user. In fact a better name for it might be SMS (Salesperson Marketing System), because that is what really sets us apart from the rest.

We all know the statistics about follow up in the automobile industry or, for that matter, the lack of it. Times have changed, and our business is different than before. People want information instantly, they want to be treated better, and they want to be followed up with.

There is an obvious correlation between the dealers and salespeople who are setting records and growing their sales every year, and the ones blaming and complaining about the way business is. The difference is really easy to see from our perspective: you either adapt to the new way of doing business, or you wait for the next new program the manufactures put out to try to drive traffic to you.

Our solution is quite simple: train your salespeople (or yourself) to use a system and procedures that will make your closing ratio go up, your profits go up, your customer satisfaction go up, and your blood pressure go down.

We will give you all the tools to make more sales, with less effort, and for a lot less money than you’re currently spending on buying your customers. Let us show you how!


  • Automated appointments
  • Set reoccurring events, birthdays, etc.
  • Set Lease Expiration reminders
  • Set your work schedule
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly views
  • Printable daily “To Do” list
  • Track goals, earnings, and expenses


  • Enter and track prospects, customers, friends & family, co-buyers, etc.
  • Multiple search features, including “Automobile Interested In”
  • History of purchases
  • History of appointments and marketing sent
  • Notes ¬†history
  • Editable status (tracks where they’re at in the sales process)
  • Customer Profile page
  • Payment Calculator


  • Send custom letter, ¬†web commercial advertising campaigns
  • Custom headers and footers with your name and company/dealership logo and slogan
  • Add your own letters, flyers, e-cards, brochures and headers
  • Print marketing lists of e-mail, phone, address, and URL (website)
  • Phone number time stamp (Do Not Call)
  • Auto-Fill lead generation feeds