The value we offer to our clients is simple; use our Lead Management software and make more money from your leads.

Our secure web based software will help you distribute, track, analyze and convert more leads into profitable customers.

Lead Management that:

  • Manages all of Your Internet Lead sources.
  • Manages Your Incoming Phone Leads.
  • Manages Your Showroom Traffic.
  • Powerful Tools for Your Sales Guides.
  • Powerful Tools for Your Managers.
  • Access Your Leads from From the Internet.
  • Wireless Notification and Remote Access.
  • Custom HTML e-mail Template Library.
  • Auto e-mail for Dormant Leads and Delivered.

The Dealer Interactive Advantage:

  • Fully Developed For Retail Automobile People.
  • Designed for ease of use.
  • Web-Based.
  • Unlimited Lead Storage.
  • No programs to install or updates to do.
  • Support team.
  • Designed for your data security.

Dealer Interactive enables you to effectively manage incoming sales leads from start to close. Optimize performance with 360 degrees of visibility over your sales and marketing operations to track prospect inquiries and seamlessly route qualified leads to the right people, right away.

Lead Management Benefits

  • Enable real-time strategic decision making
  • Work your leads faster, smarter and harder
  • Improve responsiveness to prospect inquiries
  • Standardize lead management best practices
  • Increase lead ROI

Lead Distribution:

Win more business today by routing the right lead to the right person right away. The Dealer Interactive automated lead distribution engine utilizes powerful business rules and filters to assign, monitor and recycle leads for optimal performance and increased contact ratios. Studies show that contacting a sales prospect within 30 minutes can increase close ratios by 40%. Use contact ratio summaries and reporting to inform you of real-time who’s working leads and who’s not.

Lead Distribution Benefits

  • Beat your competition to every sales prospect
  • Eliminate lag between lead receipt, contact and close
  • Assign leads using powerful business rules and filters
  • Quickly recycle leads to alternate sales professionals
  • Monitor lead management performance real-time
  • Lead Distribution Features

Automated Lead Import: Dealer Interactive can import from any lead source. Dealer Interactive eliminates the need to gather, print and hand-out leads. In addition, Dealer Interactive provides automated lead returns and credits with select lead originators.

Sophisticated Lead Assignment: Dealer Interactive provides a lead distribution engine for automated lead assignment based on an unlimited number of custom filters and business rules.
Sales Automation:

Spend less time managing and more time selling. Comprehensive and easy to customize, Dealer Interactive empowers your organization to manage people and processes more effectively.

Sales Automation Benefits

  • Maintain consistent lead management best practices
  • Custom workflow tailored around your business processes
  • Focus on selling, not training
  • Sales Automation Features

Easy to Use: Highly-intuitive design makes learning to use the Dealer Interactive easy. Dealer Interactive requires little user training, yet offers a robust feature set for all users.

Organization: Round Robin management provides a framework for information workflow and security.
Pipeline Management:

Win new business while capitalizing on existing relationships. Effective pipeline management ensures a consistent communication line is maintained with all customers, new and old. You’ve already done the hard work acquiring the customer, why throw the relationship away? Now you don’t have to. Dealer Interactive enables you to catalog your entire sales database in one central location for long-term secure access and marketing.

Pipeline Management Benefits

  • Schedule long-term marketing campaigns with existing customers
  • Capitalize on referrals from existing customers
  • Get the most from your marketing expenditures
  • Pipeline Management Features

Security: Our secure data storage is the safest and most affordable way to protect your assets. We deliver the most secure, reliable and readily scalable infrastructure for your data. Through role-based permissions management you can maintain and control all of your employees’ access rights from a single interface.

Email Campaign Management: Create an unlimited number of personalized email templates using borrower and company information to help build your brand. Automatically email applicants using event-driven email triggers.

To Do List/Reminders: Never miss a follow-up call using our built-in calendar and reminder system. Sales reps always know the next step in the process using our lead To Do Summary.

Dealer Interactive is a web-based lead Management tool that allows dealerships to better manage Internet, Phone or Showroom traffic leads. Being web-based gives Sales Guides and Managers the ability to access leads and reports from anywhere they can access the Internet. Dealer Interactive uses SFA (Sales Force Automation) and CRM (Customer Relations Management) functions to help a Dealership better manage prospect and customer databases.

Key Benefits of the Dealer Interactive system

(A) Ease of Use

We have recognized that many programs do not work successfully in a Dealership environment, usually because they are too complicated and require too much training. With the high turnover experienced in many Dealerships, Dealer Interactive had to be a program that new users could pick up and start using productively within hours.

(B) A Tool that Salespeople would want to use

Many programs and systems fail in dealerships just because the Sales Guides don’t like them. To guard against this possibility, a large percentage of the features in Dealer Interactive are based on the suggestions and feedback garnered from Sales Guides. We felt it was critical that Dealer Interactive be a tool that they would want to use, that made their life easier and made them more money.

(C) Simple Reporting for Managers

Managers have easy and even automatic email delivery of all the reports available in Dealer Interactive.

(D) Accept all lead sources used by a Dealership

The Dealer Interactive parsing modules are 100% XML ADF and S.T.AR. Compatible. While many lead providers are moving in the direction of the above-mentioned standardized formats, there are many who still and will continue to use plain/text or HTML email to transfer information between services. Dealer Interactive has created and maintains text parsers for 535 distinct lead sources and provides text-parsing capability to other companies in the industry. Dealer Interactive will parse anything that can be parsed, and does not charge for authoring new parsers.

(E) A Tool that automated the sales process as much as possible

When we set up a new Dealership, many auto mail processes are preinstalled. We have written over 40 e-mail templates to cover auto responders, automated appointment confirmation, automated dormancy follow-up, automated delivered follow-up and auto CSI Survey.