Dealer Interactive is a CRM product of Link To The Future, a Website Design and Development company established in 1997.

With the huge variety of competition out there, they chose your dealership. From prospect to sale to repeat business, you have a job to do and Dealer Interactive is the ideal webbased CRM support tool tomaintain strong relationships and increase your business.

This comprehensive, web-based CRM / SMS is an easy to use application that will enable you to increase a dealership’s bottom line by keeping them regularly in-tune with prospects and customers.

No longer does your dealership depend on a salesperson’s memory to make a follow-up phone call, to send a birthday greeting card, or be reminded when a lease expires – now they can be automatically alerted of an upcoming task with our automotive CRM.

Dealer Interactive offers you 10 modules:

  1. Marketing – creating and sending E-Mail campaigns
  2. Sales – tracking leads and sales activities
  3. Customer Service – managing inbound inquiries
  4. Service Department – manage service appointments
  5. Parts Department – manage parts inquiries and parts sales
  6. Online Parts and Accessories – manage online parts and accessories e-commerce store
  7. Dealer Specials – manage your own specials for any department
  8. Scion – Maintain website compliance with our web-based management system
  9. New and Pre-owned Inventory – Upload and maintain inventory with our web-based management system
  10. Websites – Automotive websites – See LTTF

You can buy each module separately or All in One.


The easy-to-use user interface and step-by-step process in this module help you create eye-catching E-Mail campaigns. You can manage your contacts and grow multiple mailing lists while ensuring your E-Mail marketing bulk E-Mail campaigns comply with CAN-SPAM and Anti-Spam Policy. It also provides a way to reuse your content through Content Library. You can do tracking, and report on data. It is a complete E-Mail marketing solution for your dealership.


Dealer Interactive, a vibrant portal helps to prioritize and assign tasks to your sales force. You can track your sales activities, schedule calls, meetings, view and manage your sales pipeline; it is a complete management tool for your sales force.

Customer Service

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module helps to manage your incoming and outgoing E-Mails, receive and store inquiries from your web site, categorize and route inquiries to customer care personnel, create consistent, accurate and professional responses, and monitor your CRM activities and E-Mail management.

All in One 

All modules of Dealer Interactive put together form a vibrant portal helps you to create and send e-mail campaigns, track leads, automate your sales-force activities and help in effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Features and Benefits

  • Fully web based approach, which means that you can access your same unique dashboard and customer database from home, on the road or another dealership branch, in fact, this automotive CRM can literally be accessed literally anywhere in the world!
  • Some dealers require unique functionality and Dealer Interactive has been developed to deliver any solution. This means that your dealership can adapt any Dealer Interactive format to suit specific needs.
  • Through a centralized database, the Sales Manager can quickly view comprehensive sales information at frequencies to suit him and create customized reports. This means that Sales manager’s can have their fingers on the pulse in managing their particular salesman’s activities and help maximize theirs and the dealerships overall revenue potential. Automotive CRM reports can be quickly and easily downloaded into almost any standard format.
  • Early warning automatic reminders pop up daily, so you’ll never forget a customer’s special occasion such as birthdays and anniversaries. It’s the little things you do that a customer respects and it means so much.
  • No onsite configuration or set up is required, which means that your automotive CRM systems will be totally compatible and easy to use.
  • There is a low cost set up fee with a nominal monthly charge, which means that Dealer Interactive works well for you with existing cash flow budgeting.
  • Data is fully protected and provided monthly, which means that your most valuable information is secure.

Dealer Interactive is a customer relationship management ( CRM ) product, allowing you fast access to customer information and reports from anywhere in the world. Dealer Interactive is at your fingertips for instant viewing of sales reports, follow-ups, reminders, upcoming special occasions, fleet management exception reporting, future lease expirations and much, much more!

The graphical interface has been designed by Dealer Interactive’s specialist IT support team for easy navigation and data entry.
It is customized in delivering to the specific needs of the dealership. Sales and management staff will have no problems inputting and capturing data, employing fail safe systems for restricted access and data amendments.

Dealer Interactive is confident that you will not only derive real tangible value from our product, but within a few months, it will be paying for itself. To endorse this belief; take advantage of our FREE, 30 day webbased CRM evaluation. Contact Dealer Interactive.

Custom CRM Software

Every dealership has their own unique requirements, whether it be a particular style of customized reporting, additional fields to be added to the database and so on. Custom CRM software is a must for some dealerships to have a product that fits their business need.

The application will be clear, precise and easy to navigate. In dealer sales, DI recognizes that time is precious and therefore every model is developed with this in mind. So no gimmicky “flash” animation when you log on, you just go straight to where you need to go, first time, every time, it’s that simple!

Website Integration

Every business requires an online presence to compete in today’s market. Once a dealer is up and running with Dealer Interactive, our software developers can provide a complete integration with a dealer’s website. Our custom CRM software services can extend to help integrate CRM software with existing information systems. This creates even quicker follow-ups and call backs that keeps a dealer at the sharp end of vehicle sales opportunities.